PureServ is a Windows XP application that keeps separate display settings for each user on your computer. Normally, all users have to share the same resolution, colour depth and refresh rate. PureServ will save and restore all of these settings for each user.

PureServ requires Windows XP. It does not work with Windows 98, ME, NT or 2000.

Download PureServ

You should log in as an administrator before you install PureServ. After the installation, run PureServ from your start menu. It will automatically configure itself to run when any user logs in. You should uninstall PureServ from the Control Panel when you want to permanently disable it.

Source Code

PureServ is free and open source. Everyone is welcome to add features or fix bugs and send their changes back to me. PureServ is hosted by SourceForge.net, the world’s largest collection of open source software.

View the PureServ page on SourceForge.net.

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