Ejector is a Mac app that automatically ejects your Time Machine disk when a backup completes. Try this to avoid dragging the disk icon to the Trash every day.

Written by Chris Lundie.

Downloads and Source Code

Get the app and source code for free at github.com.


How to enable Ejector
Open the Ejector app. Ensure that “Enabled” is checked.
Ejector continues to work after the app is closed
If Ejector is enabled, you may close the app. It will continue in the background, waiting for a Time Machine backup to complete. The Ejector icon appears in the menu bar at the top of the screen when it is enabled.
Time Machine backups will stop after the disk is ejected
You will need to unplug your disk, and plug it in again for Time Machine backups to resume.
Sometimes the disk cannot be ejected
Ejector may be unable to eject the disk sometimes. This may happen if another app is using the disk at the same time. You can try the “Force Eject” option if this happens frequently, and you are certain that you will not lose unsaved changes in other apps.